MentorHUB@HKUST is an aggregator of mentors and facilitators of entrepreneurial minded HKUST students who work towards realising their entrepreneurship success. Unlike traditional mentoring that focuses on face-to-face interactions among pre-assigned mentees/mentors, this community promotes open and virtual mentoring, in which mentors and mentees can freely reach out to one another according to their own needs and interests anytime, anywhere.

In this digital age with new communication paradigms, this newly emerged form of mentoring will facilitate more rapid, responsive and timely exchange between mentors and mentees, resulting in real-time feedback and just-in-time advice that are conducive to startup development and growth.


Unique Features


Anticipated startup growth in 6 months

Mentors from across the globe, offering diversification in experience, expertise and resources

Free & flexible matching according to interests and needs, creating multiple mentoring relationships

Real-time exchange via virtual, digital or face-to-face mentoring that surpass constraints of time and distance

Identification of and seedbed for innovative ideas, promising startups, venture investment and many more

Useful Tips for Fruitful Experience at MentorHUB@HKUST


Be proactive in committing time and energy for cultivating mentoring relationships

Be honest and clear in communicating your curiosity, interests, expectations, feedback, experience, etc.

Be open to a two-way exchange of learning and inspirations

Be respectful of confidentiality of private information and/or matters discussed


Our mentors are like-minded current and retired professionals, managers, executives, businessmen, scientists, technicians, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists etc., with whose passion is in enhancing the capabilities and opportunities of young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be.

Click here to see our diversified pool of mentors from a spectrum of backgrounds and reach out to different mentors according to the unique needs of your startup at different entrepreneurial stages!


We look forward to interact with brilliant minds and accelerate your growth with our resources and expertise. Begin your dream and ignite impact here at MentorHUB”

Mr. Alvin Lam, Director, TusPark Hong Kong

We are ready to equip you with marketplace knowledge, polish your startups and ideas, become your sounding board and bridge you with resources that would enhance your entrepreneurship development.”

Mr. Ken Lo, Head of Strategic Partnership, Zhong An International

Mentoring Process (for Mentors)


Explore our network of mentees

Arrange virtual or face-to-face meetups, as initiated by either mentees or mentors

Enroll in selective events organized by the Entrepreneurship Center, according to your interests

Share with us monthly feedback on our mentoring experience/ progress via a two-minute online form


We welcome all HKUST start-up projects or businesses at different entrepreneurial stages, from pre-incubator/ incubator to pre-accelerator/ accelerator with proven track of development and preparedness for further growth to join the MentorHUB@HKUST.


Eligibility & Application

  1. Individual and team applications are welcome; main applicant must be an HKUST member (student, alumnus or faculty member)
  2. Online application: https://ust.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3UcL35qrreZHva5


Mentoring Process

Apply online to become a part of our community

Explore our network of mentors from around the globe

Connect and schedule virtual or face-to-face meetups with different mentors at least once a month

Enroll in selective events organized by the Entrepreneurship Center, according to your interests

Share with us monthly feedback on our mentoring experience/ progress via a two-minute online form

Meet EC Advisor

Contact Us


HKUST Entrepreneurship Center
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The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
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Office Hours

09:00 - 17:30
Mon - Fri


Email: dbmentor@ust.hk

Tel: 2358 602