Shortlisted Teams for Round 2 Competition


Team Name Team Description
Hong Kong Red Circle Technology Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Red Circle Technology Limited (RCT) is a company dedicated to developing drone-based bridge inspection technology. Our  main business is utilizing AI technology for bridge defect detection by analyzing images captured through drone surveillance.  Using our service can greatly improve the accuracy of inspection while avoiding safety issues.
Allegrow Allegrow Biotech aims to bring cell therapeutics to all. We are a platform company, spinning-off from Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Lab HKUST.  We develop AimGel platform, which is our proprietary hydrogel microbead technology to enable faster and cheaper cell therapeutics production.
Carbon10B X CARBON10B X Limited is a climate tech company incorporated in Hong Kong.  CARBON10B X offers full-cycle value chain solutions to carbon management for industrials, traders, and financial institutions. Company CEO is Dr. Ulf Henning Richter, an Adjunct Associate Professor for the Division of Environment and Sustainability who is an award-winning professor and serial entrepreneur.
Z-Omics Our startup company specializes in single-cell platform technology that is broadly applicable to many pharmaceutical and other R&D settings. Our team has the robust and deep technical expertise, and a strong ability to execute. We possess the unique IP of a novel multi-omics single-cell technology that is both high throughput and versatile to use.
417 Tech 417 Technology specializes in developing cutting- edge mobile software applications. With a particular focus on Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we strive to create innovative solutions that redefine the way people interact with technology.
LingJu NW——Leading the revolution of the global 2D material industry The team is composed of bachelor,  Mphil and PhD students from HKUST, HKUST(GZ), and HIT(Harbin Institute of Technology), and the proportion of PhD students reaches 60%. Our team has mastered the core technology of the whole process of MXene industrialization for the first time in the world. The team members have published 13 academic papers, and have 9 invention patents.
not only powder The company will be managed by 6 founders who are graduates in Business, Legal, Marketing, Chemistry, and Computer Science. The diverse skill sets these founders to possess, coupled with their academic knowledge, is the ideal mix NOP needs to thrive as a food-tech startup.
Elevatefoods We are a spin-off company from the HKUST, consists of core R&D 3 PhD and 2 UG students from the Smart Manufacturing and Laser Manufacturing Research Group with Prof. Mitch Li and Prof. Tak Chi Lee (Ex PolyU School of Design Asso. Dean) as our R&D advisors. Our CMO Mazing Lee, is the co-founder of renowned wellness tech Startup Lify Wellness with Connie.
Libpet Libpet was established in June 2021 with the goal of using innovative technologies to benefit society. Through the use of patented and exclusive technologies, we have developed a highly innovative and advanced wheelchair. Our ultimate aim is to improve the world through our innovations in mobility.
Girls & Gene Biotech Early-stage Screening and Monitoring Service of Gynecological Infectious Diseases for Girls
Sonoro The team aims to design a solution that enables hearing-impaired musicians to fully engage with music. They will need to consider the unique needs of hearing-impaired musicians and create an adaptable, accessible, and engaging solution that allows for artistic expression. Collaboration with hearing-impaired musicians, music educators, and accessibility experts will be crucial in the development.
Salvaged Limited Bringing the power of e-commerce, data analysis, and automation to the clothing resale industry. 
We want to leverage existing technologies to make managing, tracking, and marketing unique second-hand garments scalable. Our mission is to create a digital presence for each clothing reject so that second-hand garments can compete with and eventually replace fast fashion in a new, circular world.
Deus Platforms IO utilizes advanced AI to transform education, enhancing engagement and interaction. Education goes beyond the simple quest for knowledge. We prioritize presenting accessible information and offering innovative learning experiences for educators and students.
METAIA METAIA is a team dedicated to use web 3.0 technologies to revolutionize the health insurance industry. Our proposed solution encourages clients to pursue a healthier lifestyle with Move-To-Earn approach. Our goal is to help insurance companies stand out in the market and become leaders in providing unique and rewarding health solutions to their customers.
OAO Our team comprises 7 undergraduate students specializing in AI, computer science, biomedical engineering, medicine, and business fields, united by a common goal of accelerating AI in 3D space. We believe this technology can revolutionize industries and unlock new possibilities for innovation and creativity.
iCane Daily navigation has always been difficult for the visually impaired. Yet, current tools and technological offerings remain ineffective with most translating feedback in non-user-friendly means, i.e. audio or vibration and are limited to passively detecting obstacles by bumping into them. In sight of the market gap, our product, iCane, acts as an electronic version of a guide dog. Incorporating co

Media Coverage at HKTDC website: 

GUTolution is a biotech startup, an incubatee in HKSTP and an HK Tech 300 Startup. We were the exhibitor of ASGH 2022 and BIOHK 2022 and CEO, Wayne Chan, was also a speaker at BIOHK 2022. A regional health supplement brand, CATALO, will sign an MOU with us on strategic partnership for market expansion in May 2023.

Qable Hello, we are Qable, an EV charging company that will innovate your charging experience.
Superwrap Superwrap provides a triple win solution to textile, beeswax, and food packaging waste. Our upcycled beeswax wrap is reusable for over a year and has anti-bacterial, breathable, and waterproof characteristics. Using technology, we facilitate the whole process from waste collection, production to distribution!
MedNet We are two passionate year 2 students who are motivated to solve healthcare problems in Hong Kong using cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to devise healthcare solutions that are accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.
Swavey Our team has two members: Ian Lai and Peter Lee. Ian is studying at HKUST and has skills in statistics, business intelligence, and finance. He is temporarily responsible for frontend development and algorithm development. Peter is studying computer science at NCKU and focuses on backend development. Both have studied at prestigious universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Feeturist By measuring and analysing the Gait Pattern, we would like to improve elder's health conditions.
Aquatics Visual Founded by experienced businessmen who are passionate about solving the difficulties in aqua farming via the aid of technology and machine learning.
Fleming MedLab We are a medical robotics startup. We design wearable robots and software to help stroke survivors walk again and recover their brains. Our priority is regaining walking ability and gait recovery. We design neuroscience-based medical devices. They assist therapists and stroke patients to retrain muscles and neural pathways.
Daoad Formed by students from different areas of studies:
YuWai - Bachelors in Business Administration (University of Technology and Science Macau)    
Tommy Li - Bachelors of Data Science and Business Intelligence (HSUHK)    
Gigi Lai - Bachelor of Business Administration (HKUST)    
Yuruo - Communication Design (University of Technology and Science Macau)     
JingShu - Master of Design (University of Macau)
Contracfy Contracfy is a one-stop legal-tech platform that provides smart contract handling solutions with top-notch NLP technology, helping businesses optimize their workflow by reducing administrative tasks, saving time and minimizing mistakes in contracts.
Cero2 We Make Sustainable Shopping More Accessible & Rewardable
Mydaan Mydaan provides an all-in-one e-receipt solution for consumers. Achieving waste-free, effort-free, worry-free.
ENVOKEN Making night outs cheaper and more sustainable
VisPIE VisPIE aims to enable individuals to Perceive the environmental implications of their
measurable activities, Immerse themselves in the climate change impacts, and
Empower both individuals and organizations with climate-smart choices.