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Witnessing the growth of entrepreneurial activities in our region, the Competition aims to provide a platform for HKUST and surrounding community members an integrative learning experience to create and evaluate new business and to prepare students to start their future career in entrepreneurship. Winners of the Competition can use the cash prize as seed money to build their own company or to further the commercialization of their inventions.

Additionally, we will continue to have this competition in 7 different regions including this one in our Clear Water Bay Campus. The 3 winning teams will compete with other winning teams from Beijing, Foshan, Guangzhou, Macau, Shenzhen and Zhongshan in the Grand Final.

2022 Awardees

Platinum Award

Team Name:AutoSafe
Brief Description:We are a team of civil engineers with a vision is to “automate safety” on site. Seeing the inefficiency in current human intensive on-site supervision, we want to develop a system that can help our clients to monitor site safety more efficiently. Our solution is a computer-vision based solution for automated site condition and safety monitoring. This system can fuse with existing CCTV system on site so the cost can be minimized, and it can provide 3 major functionalities: 1) Automated site safety monitoring and analytic. 2) Integration with DWSS in safety report drafting. 3) Comprehensive site analysis with multi-cameras tracking. Owners of any construction projects, like governments and developers, will be our targeted customers. We hope to help them to manage their sites more efficiently and understand more of their site with our AI analytics. But most importantly, we hope to improve the overall safety.


Gold Award

Team Name:FLASH Diagnostics
Brief Description:Our team focuses on the development of fast, low-cost, accurate, simple, and handhold testing platforms for home-use diagnostic. FLASH diagnostics gives top priority to reforming clinical testing of patients' access to testing both onsite and at-home. We put convenience and quality at the heart of patients' care programs.


Silver Award

Team Name:XOXO Beverages
Brief Description:XOXO Beverages is a company that revolutionizes bartending experience with cutting edge AIOT solutions. We are a product-driven company that emphasizes on providing bar-quality cocktails by our own proprietary cocktail machine. AIOT features enable seamless remote communication, data driven cocktails suggestion, drinks quality control and enhancement calibration.

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