About Entrepreneurship Center

Established in 1999, the Entrepreneurship Center (EC) of HKUST is a center designed for entrepreneurs to support innovation and entrepreneurship on the HKUST campus. It also serves as a unique platform to facilitate knowledge transfer between the University and society. EC runs different types of entrepreneurial activities, in addition to seminars, and provides seed funds to foster an entrepreneurial campus. Through encouragement and direct engagement, EC cultivates a risk-taking value-creation mindset in the students, alumni, professors, and support staff of HKUST.

The Center is committed to nurturing entrepreneurs, helping them bring their business ideas to applications in real-world settings. It strives to nurture next-generation entrepreneurs whose companies make commercial, social or cultural impacts for the economic and social development of Hong Kong and beyond. It continuously keeps abreast of new trends to expand business opportunities, enhance corporate competitiveness and promote the overall development of Hong Kong.