Subsidy & Recognition Award for HKUST teams Participating in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technopreneurship Competitions/ Programs

Open all year round (No application deadline)
Session Details
1 Dec 2021 15:46 - 30 Jun 2022 15:46
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Deadline :
1 Jan 2022 12:59

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Organised by :
HKUST Entrepreneurship Center

Subsidy & Recognition Award for HKUST teams Participating in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technopreneurship Competitions/ Programs

Administered by HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, the purposes of the Award is to support and enrich HKUST students’ exposure and experience in recognized opportunities (mainly in competitions, exhibitions, conferences, award ceremonies etc.) relating to entrepreneurship, innovation, technopreneurship and events of similar nature; facilitate the HKUST students’ development in entrepreneurship, innovation and technopreneurship; promote the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative achievement of HKUST to globe and recognize the achievement of HKUST students (individuals or teams) in external opportunities and provide additional funding support for the students to further develop in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, technopreneurship.



  • Full time current student of the HKUST who represents HKUST in external opportunities relating to entrepreneurship, innovation, technopreneurship, and events of similar nature recognized by the University


Application & Vetting Procedure

  • Interested students/ teams should apply for the Award as early as practicable (at least ONE month before the commencement of competition/ program)  
  • After completion of the competition/ program, the approved teams are required to submit a Report, Original Receipts, and proof of achievement within ONE month for claim of reimbursement of the Award, if any.   
  • The university has the right to make the final decision of accepting and approving application for the Award
  • Application Form: HERE
  • Open all year round *subject to availability of budget and financial resources
  • Assessment schedule: HERE


Funding Requirement
Approved teams are required to complete the following tasks for getting the Subsidy & Award:

  • Successfully completed the whole competition/ program 
  • Team photo-taking at the competition/ program with HKUST logo, flag provided by Entrepreneurship Center
  • Submission of Report and other required documents by aforementioned deadline
  • Completion of Interview arranged by Entrepreneurship Center for sharing of participation experience. It will be used for promotion of entrepreneurship by the university in form of any channels. 


Details Guideline & Scope of the Award: HERE


Enquiry: (Miss Sue Hui)