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ABOUT MentorShip Network

The Mentorship Network offers mentorship to Entrepreneurship Center's incubatees, including Tech-Ship, Chan Dang Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Award, Dream Builder Program, Greater Bay Area Youth Entrepreneurship Fund Program, HKSTP x HKUST Co-ideation Program, TSSSU & Entrepreneurship Program. 


It aims to provide a network of experienced mentors to aspiring entrepreneurs from HKUST, supporting mentees in building successful start-ups. 

Unique Features


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Connect with diverse mentors from HK’s start-up ecosystem for invaluable guidance.

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Network with mentors and fellow mentees to expand connections.

icon explore

Mentors’ Company Visits & Explore Tour to gain open insights.

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Real-life practice exercises in Elevator Pitch workshops.

Tips for Productive Mentoring Experience


icon proactive

Be proactive to develop mentoring relationships.


Be honest. always get mentor's consent before sharing their information.

icon receptive

Be receptive to a mutual exchange of knowledge and inspiration.

icon Lock

Be respectful of discussed matters' privacy and confidentiality.


Our team of mentors comprises experienced professionals, including executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and businessmen, who are dedicated to nurturing the capabilities and opportunities of young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be. We offer a diverse pool of mentors from various backgrounds, with expertise in Business, Design & Manufacturing, Leadership & Team Development, Social Impact, and Technology. Our mentoring program is exclusively available to HKUST teams or companies under the Mentorship Network, where our mentors provide guidance and advice to optimize their business strategy and development. Our mentors are committed to helping our entrepreneurs achieve their goals and succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.

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The mentees at HKUST Entrepreneurship Center are start-up projects and businesses at various entrepreneurial stages, including those in the pre-incubator/incubator or pre-accelerator/accelerator stage with a proven track record of development. More details about the mentees, please refer HERE.

Mentees Activities