HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition

Witnessing the growth of entrepreneurial activities in our region, the Competition aims to provide a platform for HKUST and surrounding community members an integrative learning experience to create and evaluate new business and to prepare students to start their future career in entrepreneurship. Winners of the Competition can use the cash prize as seed money to build their own company or to further the commercialization of their inventions.

The competition was first launched in 2011 as an initiative to encourage students to develop innovative business ideas and provide them with the necessary resources and support to transform their ideas into successful ventures. The competition quickly gained popularity and has since become a flagship event at HKUST.  

This year, we will continue to have this competition in 5 different regions including Beijing, Foshan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The winning teams from all the regionals will compete for the championship in the Grand Final.

Regional Competition











Grand Final 2022&2023