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ABOUT HKUST Founders' club

HKUST Founders’ club, established in May 2023 by HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, has a vision to create a vibrant community for entrepreneurs. It offers support to aspiring HKUST entrepreneurs and firmly believes that staying connected with the university and leveraging its resources and the entrepreneurship ecosystem can lead founders to achieve significant success, starting from HKUST and extending globally.





  • Community Building: To strengthen the fabric of the HKUST Founders' community by fostering deep connections, collaboration, and mutual support among its members.


  • Strategic Bridging: To serve as a platform connecting HKUST Founders with a network of industry experts, investors, and university resources, thereby enhancing synergistic opportunities and partnerships.


  • Unleashing Resources: To direct a wealth of resources towards the ventures of HKUST Founders, encompassing access to a rich talent pool, connections with potential customers, and opportunities for increased visibility and exposure.


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