HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2024


Winners of the HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2024 will be awarded with cash prizes and in-kind services.

Cash and in-kind awards are to be used by the winning teams solely for the purpose of proving funding for the business plan in respect of which the award was granted. Service providers shall be entitled to decline to provide their services for the purpose of business plans other than in respect of which the award was granted. By accepting the awards, participants will be deemed to have accepted these terms and agreed to apply the cash and in-contribution awards for the purposes intended.

In-Kind Services and Supports

To encourage participants to get their businesses going, and further reinforce the practical focus of this Competition, we have put together a suite of services for all applicants and awardees. This include:


In-kind from HKSTP for Selected and Eligible HKUST Track Teams in Round 1


In-kind for 30 Selected and Eligible HKUST Track Teams in Round 2

  • All HKUST teams in Round 2 that composed of at least 50% of HKUST students OR with HKUST members (students, alumni, faculty) own at least 51% shares will enjoy:
    • Support in the basic company incorporation and registration fee under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (link) up to $2200 offered by Entrepreneurship Center. 



About HKSTP Ideation Program

HKSTP Ideation is a one-year programme designed to nurture tech-focused entrepreneurs to become successful startups and help them turn their brilliant ideas into reality. Through the programme, entrepreneurs will receive all-rounded support from HKSTP to acquire the essential skills to launch their new ventures. Apart from business model design and investment training, they will also receive guidance on fine-tuning ideas and technical development. Participating entrepreneurs will also have access up to HKD$ 100,000 seed funding and a co-working space with a series of training during the 12-month programme to realise their ideas.

For details of the eligibility, please visit their website (