Shortlisted Teams for Round 3 Competition


Team Name Team Description
AI Dyslexia Pre-screening System We are from AI Dyslexia Pre-screening System.
Let’s work together to bring the students an inclusive and quality education opportunity.
Aimgel We engineer artificial cells to unleash the potential of cell therapeutics.
Bringing cell therapy to the masses!
AlGreen A start-up project aiming to develop innovative algal technology to produce renewable biofuels
Alpha Solar Alpha Solar provides a flexible polycarbonate solar panel that could easily be integrated into the car roof to enable EVs (car, taxi, buses and trucks) to recharge while moving or stationary
AutoSafe We are a team of civil engineers with a vision is to “automate safety” on site. Seeing the inefficiency in current human intensive on-site supervision, we want to develop a system that can help our clients to monitor site safety more efficiently. Our solution is a computer-vision based solution for automated site condition and safety monitoring. This system can fuse with existing CCTV system on site so the cost can be minimized, and it can provide 3 major functionalities: 1) Automated site safety monitoring and analytic. 2) Integration with DWSS in safety report drafting. 3) Comprehensive site analysis with multi-cameras tracking. Owners of any construction projects, like governments and developers, will be our targeted customers. We hope to help them to manage their sites more efficiently and understand more of their site with our AI analytics. But most importantly, we hope to improve the overall safety. 
Detect Medical Technology Limited We are a HKUST start-up team specialized in developing medical imaging AI solutions. Our vision is to enable the general public to assess medical imaging as a way to monitor their general health. We believe by using computer vision and deep learning technology, we will allow people to get insight into their scan outside the hospital.
Eimby Eimby provide a new generation of waste collection system for Hong Kong as a smart city. Our smart levy system and logistics IoT services can replace the original waste disposal bins that ensure the waste charging is implemented efficiently and effectively while reducing the huge burden on property management.
FLASH diagnostics Our team focuses on the development of fast, low-cost, accurate, simple, and handhold testing platforms for home-use diagnostic. FLASH diagnostics gives top priority to reforming clinical testing of patients' access to testing both onsite and at-home. We put convenience and quality at the heart of patients' care programs.
GOODTAKES We are 6 food waste warriors with more than 15 years of startup experience. With teammates from ex-foodpanda, ritual, and bigdish, we have food app's sales, operational, and marketing experience to speed up our acquisition.  And two teammates specialized in app development and UIUX design. With a solid team, we will be able to implement our idea and execute it efficiently.
Green Hub Green Hub hope to reduce plastic waste by making reusable box convenient and rewarding to diners and restaurant
Gutolution Gutolution means 'Gut' is your solution of 'Health'.  The destiny of an huge whale is determined by tiny microbiome in its gut. We transform the overall health of the customers by serving as a personal gut health partner.
Hong Kong Red Circle Technology Co. Ltd. 

We are a team with interdisciplinary knowledge with the background of Civil Engineering, Aerial robotics, Computer Vision, and Economics. 

We aim to be an intelligent and digital leader in the future construction industry in the Greater Bay Area, and in the next 10 years, to become a senior expert in the fields of construction robots, smart sites and digital platforms.

iBio Limited We are a team of six members having profound background in product design and chemical engineering. Many of us are HKUST alumni and our advisor is Prof. Ka Ming Ng, a retired professor from HKUST school of engineering. Our mission is to design and implement point-of-care testing devices that can improve the process.
Infinity++ We are a research and entrepreneur group dedicated to computer vision and robotics. We are developing promising and demanding camera sensors as well as related algorithms to bridge the gap between the virtual and real world.
Intelligent Design Intelligent Design Technology is a research-based company providing healthcare and business solutions with machine learning and cloud computing technology. Our mission is to leverage innovation to enhance the well-being of our community. We are dedicated to help our clients optimizing the operations with our thermal sensing, IoT (Internet of Things), and contactless health self-monitoring solution
Jarvis Industries JARVIS INDUSTRIES has developed a novel type of ultra-efficient bearings with the potential to revolutionise the energy-generation industry.
Libpet Libpet aims to improve people's quality of life through innovative ideas and advanced technology. It is here that the transformation of robotic applications will take place. Caring for special groups, and we guarantee that they could enjoy the same freedom and services with good prices and quality services as other people.
luXbeacon Our team studies and uses renewable energy sources to power Internet of Things (IoT) device such as solar Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon for the development of smart cities.  We already have some working prototypes. You can see some more details in this following  link.
Metamory We are an experienced startup team with background from Science Park STEP, Cyberport Creative Fund, CityU HK Tech 300 Angel Fund and more…
MTLE6980 I have 10 years work experience in media & advertising and passionate about transforming the media industry with technologies.
OAO OAO has a straightforward vision-to benefit society with technology. We believe that technology could strengthen education, which will in turn enhance one’s quality of life.
Because of this, we began to gather expertise from medical, engineering and business disciplines in September 2021. We aim to build an interactive 3D anatomy platform with real scanned organs for medical and clinical education
PealthMed  Ltd. A professional team founded on biological electronics
READily We are a team of Educators and Software Engineers. And we are on a mission to utilize AI to generate reading comprehension exercises, enabling educators to create tailor-made language learning experiences for their students.
RiskMapper RiskMapper is a construction site management, risk visualization and analysis tool developed by an interdisciplinary team from GIS analysis, surveying, data science and machine learning background. Our mission is to minimize construction risks by integrating  Location Intelligence, IoT and the value of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance).
Seekr Seekr is a compact wearable aimed at being a lifelong visual companion to the elderly and visually-impaired population. It is intuitive, real-time and presents minimal interference to their day-to-day activities with its personalized AI and bone-conducting earpiece.

5G, AI, Cloud have a rapid advancement in recent years. 
Software development is just not enough!
It's hardware that makes a machine fast.

So, Hardware engineering is a big deal…
Software engineers are everywhere, 
but not for hardware engineers.

Here is Semtron!
Introducing - the world’s first all-in-one FPGA learning solution for K12 students.
It revolutionized the way of how hardware is learn

Storius Storius is developing an outdoor audio guide app to help independent, tech-savvy, walking tour lovers listen to inspiring and interesting stories behind places worth visiting, conveniently and affordably to use, in a customized way.

Theatron revolutionises the experience of music and art events.  

​​Our vision is to connect performers and their audience without physical boundaries by creating an immersive engagement experience.

We aim to promote the cultural value of the city, make it possible for everyone to be a performer and shine on our Theatron stage.

XOXO Beverages XOXO Beverages is a company that revolutionizes bartending experience with cutting edge AIOT solutions. We are a product-driven company that emphasizes on providing bar-quality cocktails by our own proprietary cocktail machine. AIOT features enable seamless remote communication, data driven cocktails suggestion, drinks quality control and enhancement calibration.
Zonic We plan to start our business in the I.T industry and serve as a solution provider for other industries. Our first focus will be the version control system in video editing and a cloud-based hosting server for real-time cooperation.