APPLY NOW! - Recruitment of Volunteers for Breer Runner Program by HKUST 1st Upcycled Craft Beer Start-up

Application Deadline: 20 January 2021
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11 Jan 2021 18:00 - 20 Jan 2021 23:59
Program Details

Deadline :
20 Jan 2021 23:59

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Organised by :
HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, Breer HK

Here's a fun opportunity to work with HKUST’s first upcycled craft beer start-up, AND get involved in entrepreneurship and sustainability!

In collaboration with the HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, Breer, Hong Kong’s first bread beer start-up that upcycles wasted bread into premium craft beer, is now recruiting volunteers for the Breer Runner Program.

Founded by a team of HKUST current BBA and BEng students, Breer is now inviting you to be a part of a super fun opportunity to work with this student-led, fast-growing start-up and begin your entrepreneurship and sustainability journey here at HKUST!


Introducing the Breer Runner Program (Jan – Apr 2021):

As our Runners, you will be involved in:

- Raw ingredients operations: collecting unsold and uneaten bread from our bakery partners, take part in the bread-crumbing process and deliver the processed bread to the brewery
- Food donation drives: donating unsold bread to local and underprivileged elderly
- Visits to local breweries and enjoying beer-tasting
- Many more roles that teach you skills in marketing, operations, project management, entrepreneurship and sustainability. You may contribute your strengths to give ideas and participate in the development of the start-up.

Not only that, becoming a part of the Breer Runner Program gives you the chance to potentially take on a position in the Organising Committee in future and contribute to the development and expansion of this HKUST's first upcycled craft beer start-up!

At the end of this Program, you will be awarded with an achievement certificate from Entrepreneurship Center and potentially earn HLTH 1010 hours. More importantly, you will get the opportunity to first-hand be a part of this wholesome activity and become a changemaker as you take part in this entrepreneurship initiative and sustainability revolution.

Let us begin a rev-ale-ation together!


Interested to Join? Apply Online Now:

1. Eligibility: (a) HKUST current full-time/ part-time student and (b) in Hong Kong during the program period

2. Click here to apply online! (application deadline: 20 January 2021, 23:59)

3. Website/ IG: / @BreerHK

4. Enquiry:


More about Breer:

*Founders' Sharing: check out this 5-minute video to hear about their story!

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