Asia Smart App Awards 2024

Deadline: 30th April
Session Details
10 Apr 2024 00:00 - 30 Apr 2024 23:59
Program Details

Deadline :
30 Apr 2024 23:59

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Organised by :
Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA)

As a leading event in the Asian smart app industry, ASA not only recognizes outstanding and innovative smart apps but also provides a platform for developers across Asia to showcase their talents, network with industry professionals, and learn from each other.


To everyone who is planning to apply for ASA 2024,

make sure you do not miss any of the below steps on the project website:

1. Submit your application through online system;

2. Provide a one-minute introductory video about your applying app(one for each app); and

3. Upload a copy of your company’s valid Certificate of Incorporation to the online application system