The Lo Kwee Seong Technopreneurship (Tech-Ship) Fund Application

Application Deadline: 7 March 2022
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18 Jan 2022 00:00 - 7 Mar 2022 23:59
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Deadline :
7 Mar 2022 23:59

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HKUST Entrepreneurship Center

1. Objective

Aministered by the HKUST Entrepreneurship Center (EC) with the collaboration of Techonology Transfer Center (TTC) to support HKUST members (faculty, students and alumni) who want to set up a startup company with HKUST's Intellectual Properties (IP).

2. The Lo Kwee Seong Technopreneurship (Tech-Ship) Fund Funding Amount, Funding Period and Funding Scope

2.1 Maximum Funding Amount and Finding Period Per Project: Up to HK $200,000 per proposal for 12 months

2.2 Scope of expenses Covered:

  • The cost if the Development project was conducted by the HKUST reserach team.
  • Essential hardware, software, equipment and servcies (e.g. legal and accounting, e-commerce services, corporate secretarial services, cloud servcies, rental of necessary equipment/ space, etc. for operating the startup business
  • The cost of Proof of concept and Product/ Service development 
  • Marketing including justifiable promotional meterials

3. Eligibility

3.1 Startup companies* (Startups) :

(1) founded or co-founded by HKUST members (students, alumni, faculty members);

(2) registered in HKSAR, or other places recognized by HKUST, for less than one year at the time of application; and

(3) at least 51% owned by HKUST members (the majority of ownership by HKUST members must be retained during the period of the funding.)

3.2 Applying startups must sign the license agreement with HKUST R&D Corporation Limited (RDC) on HKUST IP(s) registered by TTC by the time of acceptance of the Fund.

*Startups must be registered businesses at the time of acceptance of the Fund.


4. Application, Terms and Conditions, Selection and Disbursement Details

4.1 Online Application [click here]

4.2 Before application, please read the Funding Guidelines for all the terms and conditions, assessment criteria, disbursement conditions, expected Achievement and Milestones, Change Management, Selection Commitee and Intellectual Property.

4.3 Checklist of supporting documents to be uploaded to online application:

  • Proposal Deck (Powerpoint) 
  • Proof of External Achievements/ Funds/ Awards Received, if applicable
  • Other Supporting Documents, if any

4.4 Application deadline: 7 Mar 2022 for 2022-23 Spring panel interview  


5. Enquiries

HKUST Entrepreneurship Center
Tel: (852) 3469 2428

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