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1 Feb 2022 09:51 - 31 Dec 2022 23:59
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31 Dec 2022 12:59

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HKUST Entrepreneurship Center

MentorHUB@HKUST is an aggregator of mentors and facilitators of entrepreneurial minded HKUST students who work towards realising their entrepreneurship success. Unlike traditional mentoring that focuses on face-to-face interactions among pre-assigned mentees/mentors, this community promotes open and virtual mentoring, in which mentors and mentees can freely reach out to one another according to their own needs and interests anytime, anywhere.


In this digital age with new communication paradigms, this newly emerged form of mentoring will facilitate more rapid, responsive and timely exchange between mentors and mentees, resulting in real-time feedback and just-in-time advice that are conducive to startup development and growth.


Eligibility & Application

  • We are calling for cohort 2021-22 Fall enrollment (Mentorship period: Sep 2021 – Feb 2022)


  • Individual and team applications are welcome; main applicant must be an HKUST member (student, alumnus or faculty member)





Upcoming & Past Engagements

2021-22 Spring
[24 & 30 June 2022] MentorHUB@HKUST: 1 on 1 Mentoring Session (June)*
[22 June 2022] MentorHUB@HKUST: Get your pitch deck right
[02 June 2022] MentorHUB@HKUST: Networking Event in June 2022
[31 Mar 2022] MentorHUB@HKUST: Themed Sharing - The glass cliff: women’s leadership in times of crisis
2021-22 Fall
[29 Dec 2021] MentorHUB@HKUST: Networking Event in Dec 2021
[16 Dec 2021] MentorHUB@HKUST: Fireside Chat on Digital Marketing for Startups
[16 Nov 2021] MentorHUB@HKUST: Developing an effective and agile fintech product management strategy
[04 Nov 2021] MentorHUB@HKUST: How to create effective pitching and open dialogue with business clients with live demonstration
[04 Nov 2021] MentorHUB@HKUST: 1 on 1 Mentoring Session (Nov)*
[18 - 30 Oct 2021] MentorHUB@HKUST: 1 on 1 Mentoring Session (Oct)*
[09 - 30 Sep 2021] MentorHUB@HKUST: 1 on 1 Mentoring Session (Sep)*
[29 Sep 2021] MentorHUB@HKUST: Make Your University Life Different! Start-UP(噏) With HKUST Entrepreneurs
2020-21 Spring
[10 - 12 Aug 2021] MentorHUB@HKUST: 1 on 1 Mentoring Session (Aug)*
[28 - 30 Jun 2021] MentorHUB@HKUST: 1 on 1 Mentoring Session (Jun)*
[03 May 2021] Grab the GBA Opportunities: Explore Hengqin's Potentials! by Ms. Josephine TSE*
[09 Apr 2021] Startup Tips by Microsoft by Ms. Phoebe YUEN*
[09 Mar 2021] Common Legal Issues on Building Startup by Mr. Mac CHAN*
Past Engagements
[03 Dec 2020] How to Create an Impressive 5-min Pitch Deck by Miss Katherine LAM*
[27 Nov 2020] Welcome to the REAL World by Mr. Tom CHUI*
[19 Nov 2020] From a Full-time Job to an Entrepreneur? by Mr. KOW Hong Yee*
[11 Nov 2020] My Entrepreneurship Journey by Dr. Jan ENGELS*
[05 Nov 2020] Common Mistakes by Startups by Mr. LEE Kin Sum*
[20 Oct 2020] Ice-breaking with Funding Opportunity Session 3
[19 Oct 2020] Ice-breaking with Funding Opportunity Session 2
[15 Oct 2020] Ice-breaking with Funding Opportunity Session 1
1. Engagement with * involved 1 on 1 Consultation Session with Mentor
2. Monthly Newsletter will be sent to mentors & mentees regularly



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[Mentor: Kieran FUNG]


Ping Wong

[Mentor: Ping WONG]




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[Mentor: Patrick FAN]



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 Billy Chung


[Mentor: Billy Chung]



 Sabrina Lin

[Mentor: Sabrina Lin]