26th Feb 2024
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8 Feb 2024 19:10 - 26 Feb 2024 11:59
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26 Feb 2024 11:59

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HKUST Entrepreneurship Center & OKT

As part of the Tech-Ship Program, which is a platform leveraging the wealth of research talents and outcomes at HKUST to bridge together faculty technologies and student entrepreneurship, the "TECH Talk: Unveiling Faculty Technologies for Entrepreneurship" (TECH Talk) will invite faculty members to introduce their technologies to students who are passionate about exploring technology entrepreneurship opportunities.


1. "TECH Talk" Details

  • Date & Time: 26 Feb 2024 (Mon), 2:30pm - 5:00pm
  • Format: Each faculty member will give a 15-minute presentation about his/her technology
  • Venue:  Zoom

Techtalk 2024 schedule

  Time Professor topic
  2:30-2:35 Prof. Carrie Ling, EC Tech-ship introduction
1 2:35-2:55 Prof. Tristan Braud  "MR/VR/AR Technology for Humans"
2 2:55-3:15 Prof. Yoonseob KIM Innovation in Solid Electrolytes for Next Generation Solid-State Batteries
3 3:15-3:35 Prof. Sherry CHEN Energy Conversion from Heat to Electricity by Lead-free Phase Transforming Ferroelectrics
4 3:35-3:55 Prof. Fumin ZHANG Human-friendly Miniature Autonomous Blimp
5 3:55-4:15 Prof. Becki Yi KUANG Topic 1  mRNA poly A Tail modification for better protein expression
Topic 2 In Situ removing un-wanted IPSC in differentiated cultured cell. 
6 4:15-4:35 Prof. Kai LIU Drug Discovery for CNS regeneration 
7 4:35-4:55 Prof. Angela Ruohao WU Biotechnology platform for discovery of novel tumor targets
8 4:55-5:15 Prof. David Lam Goggles for Glaucoma Treatment
  05:15   End of event


If you are interested in joining, please complete the form by 22 Feb 2024 (Thur) 23:59 HKT. Limited quotas only. The Zoom link will be sent to successful registrants on 23 Feb 2024 (Fri).

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2. Who should take part?

  • Faculty members of any discipline who wish to:
    > commercialize their technologies/ research output developed or being developed and
    > invite passionate, capable and entrepreneurial students to form startup teams
  • Students of any discipline - undergraduates/ postgraduates (taught/ research)- who wish to:
    > explore business and entrepreneurial possibilities to merge faculty research with new or existing entrepreneurial development and
    > partner with faculty/ research teams for commercializing faculty's technologies/ research output


3. How does it work?

  • Faculty members introduce their technologies via a 15-minute presentation in "TECH Talk", in order to inspire students for potential entrepreneurial development.
  • After TECH Talk, interested students shall approach faculty members on their own, in order to share and discuss entrepreneurial potential and partnership opportunities; students may also seek the assistance of EC & OKT in connecting with the respective faculty members if necessary.
  • Faculty members who have successfully teamed up with students for technopreneurship development will receive a Technopreneurship Award of up to HK$200,000.
  • Both the faculty and students will:
    also have access to the financial resources and other support provided by Office of Knowledge Transfer (OKT) and Entrepreneurship Center (EC) to facilitate their technopreneurship development and growth


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