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417 Technology Limited

417 Technology Limited, our expertise lies in the development of cutting-edge mobile software applications that revolutionize the way individuals engage with technology. Our primary focus is on the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our solutions.

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AILISTEN is developing a solution that helps individuals with hearing impairments navigate outdoor spaces safely and alert them of nearby sounds or potential dangers as they go about their daily life.




A Hong Kong-based company specializing in Voice AI research, with a particular emphasis on Cantonese Voice AI Models. Our AI research aims to enhance voice-over efficiency and overcome language barriers.

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Alpha Energy IoT Limited

Innovative Energy Harvesting for a Green IoT/IoE. Alpha Energy IoT Limited utilizes renewable energy, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, blockchain and nanotechnology to deliver the first one-time and auto-adjustable solar beacons, enabling a better customer experience, business analytics, and security for a green, sustainable and high-performance Internet of Things (IoT)/ Internet of Everything (IoE), the metaverse and smart cities. It maximizes light energy harvesting under multiple light sources and light-changing environments, up to 570% more compared to standard solar beacons. Alpha Energy IoT Limited is one of the awardees of the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU) 2023/2024.




AutoPonse: Born at HKUST, we offer a groundbreaking AIGC virtual companion for today's youth. Merging AI chat capabilities with 2D/3D modeling, our platform creates lifelike digital interactions. Supported by AI experts and professional designers, we aim to alleviate modern loneliness by forging genuine digital-human bonds.


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BoostRider is an electric-powered add-on device for manual wheelchairs that aims to facilitate manual wheelchair users to travel faster and further. Our specially designed mechanism can be easily maneuvered and attached to a manual wheelchair, providing wheelchair users with a better user journey. With BoostRider, users can travel on uneven surfaces and steep roads with reduced physical strain, enabling them to enjoy the freedom and independence they deserve. We take pride in enhancing the quality of life for people with limited mobility and are excited to continue developing innovative solutions that empower and inspire our users.

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Cero2 is more than just an app, it's our way of contributing to a more sustainable world. We've assembled a directory of eco-friendly products, and a novel reward system for those who choose to act sustainably. With our unique environmental impact tracker, we hope to inspire more conscious decisions. In our small way, with partnerships with sustainable businesses and an intuitive design, we're trying to make living green not just a choice, but a habit.

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CAIR/TriCare Innotech

CAIR is your Odyssey of Aromatherapy. Elevate your reality with our meticulously crafted sustainable aromatherapy blends. Find serenity, conquer stress, and harness vitality, all wrapped in eco-consciousness. Let scents guide your path to wellness, one breath at a time.

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Chinese Writing Wizard

Chinese Writing Wizard is an AI powered tool to assist Chinese teacher on teaching by content generation and auto grading on writing pieces. We utilizes NLP and LLM technologies to assist teachers in lesson material preparation and writing assessment.

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Coalot Tech Limited

This start-up team is committed to developing cutting-edge in-housed polymer graft modification, and encapsulation technology induced by core-shell nanoparticles with multiple shapes and sizes, which can be widely applied to facilitate novel self-cleaning with high-efficiency photocatalysis, anti-reflection and long-lasting for PV panels. The power generation of PV modules can be increased by at least 5%-10%. This coating also can be applied to various buildings and related glass surfaces.

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Conneciz is an intelligent online tendering platform, with the mission to revolutionise the tendering process by enhancing transparency, fostering competition, and opening doors for all businesses and vendors – all in one marketplace. The name Conneciz is a combination of "connect" and "biz," embodying our vision of connecting businesses and vendors seamlessly and efficiently.

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EcoTech(HK) EnviroProtect Technology Ltd.

EcoTech (Hong Kong) EnvrioProtect Technology Limited was established in 2023 as a Hong Kong-based environmental technology company dedicated to the preservation of natural water bodies and sustainable development. We specialize in providing comprehensive water conservation solutions, encompassing expert planning and customized remedies, along with the provision of corresponding products. As an industrious research-oriented company, we possess advanced analytical capabilities and adeptness in problem-solving. With years of fruitful collaboration with the Hong Kong government, we have amassed a wealth of practical experience in water pollution prevention and control.




Eleuto is innovating communication for paralyzed individuals who can’t type or speak. Current solutions are costly and inaccessible to many. Our device allows caretakers to converse with their paralyzed loved ones through speech-to-text conversion. This text is processed by a language model trained on user-specific data, enabling the paralyzed user to select a suitable response via eye-tracking or blinking. The chosen response is then vocalized using a realistic text-to-speech engine. We aim to penetrate the entire AAC market before expanding into the consumer market, facilitating easier online communication for users.



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Portable and compact energy storage solution for EV charging everywhere and anytime.




Modern loneliness is real and serious as the excessive use of social media replaces human interaction. We help ease this pain by guiding the new generation to take their first step to unplug from their electronics and start connecting with the community.




FreeCompose was established in 2023 and is committed to providing software services in the audio and music field. Our vision is to use coretechnology to pioneer the path of audio advancement. The company is currently focusing on the development of expressive(emotionally rich)speech, sound effects, and music driven by artificial intelligence for applications in audiobooks, animation, games, videos, digital humans, and otherindustries.

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Girls and Gene Biotech

We are Girls & Gene Biotech, we are building a bridge from molecular diagnostics to girls’ daily self-care. To break the barrier of at-home tests, user-friendly contamination-free test papers and downstream screening services are all developed with several US patents filed.


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HairCoSys has developed the first Macro + Micro Image AI Analysis Model for hair and scalp, trained with millions of data. Users can receive personalized hair care recommendations by simply taking images of their hair and scalp, making regular hair quality checks and hair loss screening easily accessible to everyone.

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Honmar meticulously selects high-quality herbal raw materials, combine traditional wisdom with advanced technology for efficient products, and validate their safety and efficacy through clinical research. Our innovative approach, quality control, and partnerships ensure the development of unique herbal solution.

HUMAIN Technology Limited


HUMAIN Technology Limited

The team at HUMAIN believes in simplicity - that technology should free users rather than add more burdens. Our work-in-progress, JobGeti, is builton this motto. It is designed to serve as an "everything app" for the job-matching industry - a simplified, AI-powered career navigator and hiringassistant created to streamline repetitive processes and deliver real results with two innovative features: a user-oriented recommendation systemand an automated application procedure. JobGeti aims to revolutionize an outdated system for the benefit of all.

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IN+Sight is a project dedicated to improving the indoor leisure experience for the visually impaired in galleries, museums and other venues. We make solutions that translate visual information into tactile/audio information to make the public spaces more accessible while also making impact through educational workshops. 

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Intelligent Design Technology Limited

Intelligent Design Technology Limited is a research-based company providing healthcare and business solutions with machine learning and cloud computing technology. Our mission is to leverage innovation to enhance the well-being of our community. We are dedicated to help our clients optimizing their operations with our thermal sensing, IoT (Internet of Things), and contactless health self-monitoring solutions.

Joker Game


Joker Games

Specializing in immersive entertainment production, Joker Games crafts unique experiences that draw audiences into thrilling adventures. We blend interactive performances with cutting-edge technology to transform storytelling into unforgettable journeys. Recognized for our innovation, we've received six prestigious awards, including a national prize for the best immersive plays in China. At Joker Games, we don't just tell stories; we make you a part of them, ensuring every adventure is deeply personal and distinctly memorable.

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Master Masker Technology Company Limited

Master Masker Technology Company Limited, a HKUST-based start-up founded in July 2021, supports emerging life science entrepreneurs. With nano-technology breakthroughs, patent authorization services, B2B marketplace (Tech-Hub), and tailored consultation, we connect R&D with business, aiding technology startups to succeed.

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Metaprint is a technology startup specializing in AIoT, Robotics, Web3, and Metaverse Technology. We leverage these innovations to enhance various industries, including Smart Home Metaverse, Agricultural AIoT-powered Robotics, and Educational Metaverse. Our mission is to expand the application of our technology to new domains in the future.

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Metair Limited

Metair is the brand of pioneering air disinfection products by the Nanomaterial Division of Lumi Technology Company, including the innovative airborne disinfectant products.

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MyLifeAdd Company Limited is an all-in-one insurance comparison platform for users to view and select the best products across companies. We aim to provide customers with a delightful experience in choosing insurance plans and to encourage insurance purchase for better individual protection.

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Metamory Technology Limited

Metamory combines tradition, commemoration, social interaction and blockchain in an ideal way to develop a reliable mourning platform with our tokens for the users. We believe in the future of blockchain and the metaverse in the death-care industry by embracing the real-world sentimental value of the grave, which is a unique and eternal manifestation. At the same time, we want to create value for our users and provide them with an identity in this revolutionary new world.

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Oceanpanda is a sports technology company dedicated to enhancing athletic performance. Our interactive system uses modern technology to enrich the sports experience, speeding up athletes' progress and mastery of their craft. We strive to automate sports infrastructure, and by utilizing collected data, we aim to offer AI coaching and personalized coach recommendations.

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One Healing

Our vision at One Healing is to revolutionize healthcare through innovation and technology. We aim to lead the way in developing advanced medical solutions that enhance people's well-being. By harnessing the power of micro-nano structures and electrical stimulation, we're committed to creating a healthier world where faster healing and improved infection control are a reality.


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O_Oley Care Company Limited

O_Oley offers an ocular healthcare program focused on relieving ocular stress and providing drug-free treatments. We provide preventative measures for ocular diseases, such as dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, and more. The customized treatment plan will allow users to enjoy ocular rejuvenation.

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Orange Biotech

Orange Biotech, develops a low-cost, portable CRISPR-based microfluidic platform of diagnosis for addressing human health crises. Our innovative product offers high sensitivity and accuracy, comparable to PCR, while maintaining simplicity and cost-effectiveness similar to rapid antigen tests. Our award-winning team focuses on microfluidics-assisted diagnostics for quantitative disease monitoring.

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Peddy is an online all-rounded pet service platform which is supported by web applications and mobile apps. We aim to provide customized and convenient services for the "well-being" of every pet.  Our target customers are various pets and their owners in Hong Kong. Our vision is "being your best pet caring buddy.




The operating system for AI artists, a powerful suite of tools to help them imagine, create and monetize their AI generated content.

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Pesto Green

Pesto Green is an ESG Fintech company, that implements web 3.0 elements into the promotion and tracking of ESG-related activities, involving companies, organizations, and individuals. Additionally, corporate and private investors will be involved in carbon credit investment products, joining the force of promoting carbon credit-generating activities and projects. Sustainable social impact with a solid value proposition is where Pesto Green positions itself. 

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Plasticvore Chain Limited

Presenting innovative green catalyst technology, we export chemically engineered waste tire granules, addressing environmental concerns and enhancing tire recycling efficiency in Hong Kong and China. Our mission is to convert discarded tires into biofuel and carbon credits, fostering sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Promys Tech


Promys Technologies Limited

Centered on scientific and technological innovation, and relying on the nanosecond level pulse-driven Far-UVC light source technology and Ionbeam assisted coating filtration scheme jointly developed by itself and the strategic partners, Promys Technologies specializes in technologicalresearch and development, industrial design, manufacturing management, and engineering services in the fields of public environment sterilization,hospital-acquired infection (HAI) control, photobiological safety and intelligent breeding.

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QualiFly Education Limited

QualiFly is a pioneering edtech company that utilizes AI to redefine traditional teaching and learning. Our mission is to make revision and learning more personalised and effective with the help of technology, which caters to individual students’ learning needs and provide exactly what they need. AI can also help teachers in formulating teaching plans and generating homework with the support of their class data.

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ReCube Limited

ReCube stand for -Reuse x Reward x Reduce. We provide a Reusable takeaway tableware rental service, a green Reward program to diners and restaurants, aims to Reduce takeaway packaging waste. Diners can conveniently borrow and return reusables at any partner restaurant in Hong Kong. They can get discounts through our reward program while partner restaurants can save the cost of disposable tableware.



Receipt Fly

Receipt Fly is a cloud-based platform that digitalizes receipts for POS vendors and merchants by providing them with software and Open APIs. Our plug-and-play compatibility ensures a seamless and smooth transition from paper receipts to digital receipts, helping merchants step towards a more efficient, eco-friendly retail landscape.

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RYE is profoundly attuned to the employment challenges that Gen Z encounters. The mission is to guide undergraduates from mainland China on their career journeys, aligning them with their passions and strengths, and with emerging trends. RYE aims to bridge the work-life divide, fostering a world with less societal anxiety and producing more qualified candidates for various industries.

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Salvaged brings local clothing rejects online, specializing in the photography and product upload of preloved clothing. Covering the end-to-end process of sourcing, sorting, uploading, and fulfilling orders, Salvaged is a one-stop platform for shopping secondhand first in a new, circular world.





SeamoTech Co. Limited

SeamoTech is dedicated to pioneering and leading in the field of underwater intelligent equipment solutions. With a strong commitment to advancing the marine economy, our mission is to elevate the Greater Bay Area's global stature in international marine economics and governance. As a forward-thinking company, SeamoTech harnesses cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative products that meet the challenges of underwater operations. Our focus is on sustainability and efficiency, aiming to provide solutions that not only enhance marine resource utilization but also promote environmental stewardship. By investing in research and fostering collaborations, SeamoTech strives to set new standards in the marine industry, contributing to the area’s economic growth and ecological balance. Through our efforts, we aim to transform the Greater Bay Area into a prominent hub for marine economic development and governance on the world stage.

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Sootable EnviroTech Limited

Sootable EnviroTech Limited, or Sootable, is a green tech startup that is on a mission to rebuild nature and teach humans how to live peacefully with nature. We are pushing hard to promote green lifestyle for the better of nature and humankind. Our current projects involve waste-to-X which fundamentally turbocharge Hong Kong to be a more sustainable city. This theme is only the early phase of our startup, and we have more phases awaiting.

Starry by Starrycraze Technology Limited


Starrycraze Technology Limited

Starry is a trailblazing entertainment platform that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to enhance and personalize fan engagement. Our innovativetechnology streamlines communication and aggregates digital content, providing fans with a seamless and enriched experience. With a focus onintuitive interaction and future-forward solutions, Starry is dedicated to revolutionizing the way fans connect with entertainment.



Techpawz Limited

We are passionate about providing customized pet services that celebrate the special bond between pets and their owners. By integrating state-of-the-art technology, we craft exceptional, one-of-a-kind products that truly capture the essence of each pet.

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Vim Vitae GreenBio

Vim Vitae GreenBio develops a viable energy-surplus method for Green Hydrogen Generation utilizing only sunlight and bacteria in proprietary bioreactors. This technology provides multiple benefits to the end users. They include not only on-site green energy generation, but also carbon capturing. This results in generation of carbon credits streamlining the offset of the client's emissions. Furthermore, our technology facilitates effective wastewater treatment, as our bacteria thrive in such environment. Synergistically unifying all these factors, Vim Vitae GreenBio strives to provide safe, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for businesses and municipalities in Hong Kong, aiding the city's transition to a greener economy.



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VisionARi Limited

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VisPIE customizes an XR model for co-working space based on the Digital Twin Concept, as an ESG solution that empowers end-users with climate-wise habits. By adopting sensors to track users’ activities from the building BIM model, users can visualize their impacts through gamification.

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Scalable yet personalized AI wellbeing solutions for teams and you.

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Youth Incubator

Youth Incubator aspires to revolutionize the ‘other learning experience’ (OLE) for high school students. We unleash the potential of high school students by incentivising students to discover their skill sets, through a gamified platform integrating a wide array of other learning experiences.