HKUST Start-up Stories & Sharing

Get inspired by the successful stories of our HKUST start-up teams:


Breer, founded by Anushka Purohit (Year 3, BEng), Deevansh Gupta (Year 3, BBA), Suyash Mohan (Year 4, BBA) and Naman Tekriwal (Year 2, BBA)

- A social enterprise that up-cycles wasted bread into premium quality craft beer 


Algorithmic Valuation Calculator, founded by Wai Tung Ngan (Year 2, MPhil(TLE))

- Winning team of TECHnopreneurSHIP PITCH - Technology X Business Idea Contest


SPEC Tech, co-founded by Ka Chin Wong (MPhil(TLE),2018; BSc(BCB),2017)

- A smart-protein engineering start-up


POINT, CEO Kenny Oktavius (Year 1, MPhil(TLE))

- A start-up project developing sweat senor device for sport fatigue detection


AQUMON, co-founded by Don Huang (PhD(MATH), 2014)

- A start-up company aims to revolutionize the wealth management industry with its robo-advisory service based on machine learning


Coin Dragon Limited, co-founded by Richard Kollen (MBA, 2015)

- A start-up company aims at converting coins to octopus cards, bank deposits and charity donations


Watch the Interview Series conducted by The BASE Team:


[THE BASE Interview Series Ep.1]  X. Gyroscope, founded by Belle Lee

- A  successful story of handmade jewellery project started out with merely HKD800


[THE BASE Interview Series Ep.2]  Future Lighting, CEO Derek Wu

- Transforming from a small family business to the market leader in the lighting industry