HKUST students and teams excel in Hong Kong Techathon 2023
HKUST Winner

10 teams comprised of HKUST students received most of the awards in Hong Kong Techathon 2023 that jointly organized by HKSTP and 9 Hong Kong universities. 10 HKUST teams won a total of 11 awards with their innovative projects, including two Champions, three 1st Runner-ups, three 2nd Runner-ups and three Best Presentations! Congratulations to all the winners!


The Champion and Best Presentation Awardee in ArtTech & EdTech “417Tech”, has developed a powerful way to augment a scene to blend dynamic graphics with live-action footage of real people performing to boost users’ experience. Project Lead Wong Chik On(CSE) said winning the Techathon Champion and receiving media coverage can be a great way to increase visibility for your business, and securing funding from universities can provide additional financial resources to expand your operations. These are positive developments that can offer good opportunities to explore the expansion of your business. 


Another Champion in Smart Cities & Sustainability “Boost Rider”, has developed an innovative wheelchair booster to assist wheelchair users in getting around. Project member Lam Yuen Yik(SENG) mentioned that technology is constantly advancing and we need to transfer cutting-edge technology into real-world applications to help those in need. He also mentioned that they are very grateful for the help provided by HKUST EC.


Hong Kong Techathon 2023 is a one-week challenge where participants can meet new friends, have fun and work together to bring in a new and possible business solution related to ArtTech & EdTech, Fintech & Web 3.0, Healthcare & GeronTech or Smart Cities & Sustainability. Students and alumni are welcome to participate.


🏆HKUST Winning Teams:

✔️417Tech(Champion & Best Presentation in ArtTech & EdTech) 

✔️Wizard(1st Runner-up in ArtTech & EdTech)

✔️ARTIVE(2nd Runner-up in ArtTech & EdTech)

✔️Kolhub(1st Runner-up in Fintech & Web 3.0)

✔️Dephonia(1st Runner-up in Healthcare & GeronTech)

✔️iCane(2nd Runner-up in Healthcare & GeronTech)

✔️Elively(Best Presentation in Healthcare & GeronTech) 

✔️Boost Riders(Champion in Smart Cities & Sustainability)

✔️PLAPER (HK) Limited(2nd Runner-up in Smart Cities & Sustainability)

✔️EZ-ceipt(Best Presentation in Smart Cities & Sustainability)









Boost Riders

Paper(HK) Limited