HKUST students won the Hong Kong ICT Award 2017 - Best Student Invention Award

[March 30, 2017]

Congratulations to the HKUST students Hercules Chan Kai-ho and Harry Chan Kai-ho for winning the Best Student Invention Grand Award and Best Student Invention (Tertiary or above) Gold Award in the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017.  Their advisor, Prof. Gary Chan, also won the Excellent Teacher-in-charge Award in the same category.

They developed VOID, an app helping users reduce psychological pressure. It provides a one-week program designed to use at 30 minutes before sleeping. Users can play simple games and hear recordings with some instructions to relax themselves. Also, users can seek consultation service via the app.

Hercules Chan is a year four RMBI (Risk Management and Business Intelligence) student while Harry Chan is a CSE (Computer Science and Engineering) PhD student. Hercules has also taken IT Entrepreneurship (COMP4911) taught by Prof. Gary Chan, Director of Entrepreneurship Center. Since last semester, he has been taking ENTR4903 (Student-led Entrepreneurship Acceleration Project) advised by Prof. Chan to develop the product. They are active participants joining various entrepreneurial activities organized by the center.

VOID also received the Yeung Wing Yee Entrepreneurs Fund from Entrepreneurship Center. 

The app is in trial stage and it can be downloaded from the App Store.




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