Three HKUST Start-Ups Recognized with "2023 Deloitte Hong Kong Technology Fast and Rising Star" Awards

Three HKUST start-ups have received accolades at the "2023 Deloitte Hong Kong Technology Fast and Rising Star" awards ceremony. The honored companies include, imBee, and Raysolve Technology. These awards spotlight fast-growing and innovative local enterprises that contribute significantly to the innovation and technology sectors in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and internationally. Limited, a recipient of the GF Securities Award from the HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition in 2017, was named a Technology Fast Winner. Co-founded by HKUST alumni Bianca Ho and Ken Yeung, also saw its co-founder Bianca Ho earn the Technology Fast Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Award. The company has developed a burgeoning CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) platform, which is transforming business communications with comprehensive WhatsApp API solutions designed for businesses of all sizes.

Both imBee Limited and Raysolve Technology were beneficiaries of the Technology Start-Up Support Scheme for Universities and were recognized as Rising Star Winners at the 2023 Deloitte Hong Kong Technology Fast and Rising Star awards.

imBee, an emerging AI SaaS company, is firmly establishing itself as a pioneer in enhancing customer experience and facilitating business transformation across enterprises. Capitalizing on the global surge in instant messaging, imBee launched AiskBee in 2023, Hong Kong's first GenAI-Powered Enterprise Knowledge Base Assistant, which is setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Raysolve, a semiconductor firm established by Dr. Eddie CHONG Wing-Cheung, an alumnus of HKUST Electronic and Computer Engineering program, achieved the prestigious First Prize of the I-Zone Innovation Award at the 2023 International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT). Specializing in R&D for micro-LED micro-display technology, Raysolve concentrates on pioneering chip architecture, fabrication processes, and the advancement of quantum dot-based full-color technology.

In total, fifteen local high-growth companies were celebrated with the "2023 Deloitte Hong Kong Technology Fast" award, and twenty start-ups were honored with the "2023 Deloitte Hong Kong Rising Star" award for their remarkable achievements within a short operational timeframe.