Vending The World won the HKSTP Technopreneur Silver Award in the YDC Dare to Change Pitching Competition

Congratulations to Vending The World for winning the HKSTP Technopreneur Silver Award with HKD10,000 in the YDC Dare to Change Pitching Competition.

The competition offered all tertiary students in Hong Kong a chance to step out of their comfort zone and conduct a five-minute pitch of their business ideas in front of seasoned executives. Vending The World stood out from the 10 qualifying teams in the final round and won HKSTP Technopreneur Silver Award.


Vending the World is a social enterprise that redistributes and resells residual stocks of short-dated best-before date snacks to suitable consumers through vending machines and the accompanying mobile APP. They are a group of enthusiastic students with mission to transform ordinary consumption behavior into environmental significant activities.

“We would like to thank Prof. Davis from Sustainability Unit, Cyrus and Cherry from EC for guiding us through the process of turning a good idea into an actionable plan,” said Ken Chan, CEO of Vending The World who is studying HKUST-Exeter Engineering and Law Program in HKUST.

“We also hold deep gratitude for the judges and mentors of YDC Dare to Change Pitching Competition. Your words of encouragement and advices shed light on some of insecurities we experience like any other entrepreneur just starting out and instigated within us hope and a roadmap for moving forward.”

He encouraged HKUST students when having a good idea, hold on to it, accumulate resources along the way and be around like-minded people.



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