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1 Jan 2019 09:00 - 31 Aug 2023 23:59
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31 Dec 2020 11:04

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HKUST Entrepreneurship Center

The HKUST Entrepreneurship Center (EC), administers funding and award schemes that support startup ideas, entrepreneurship projects and startup company’s development initiated and/or owned by HKUST members (students, alumni, faculty). Details of the funds currently available can be found below and in the respective page.

Name of Accelerator Fund/ Scheme Supporting Amount /Approved Project Application Deadline
HKUST Dream Builder Program up to HKD 100,000 Open all year round 
The Lo Kwee Seong Technopreneurship (Tech-Ship) Fund up to HKD 200,000 27 Feb 2023
Alumni Endowment Fund Student Start-up Grants (AEF) up to HKD 10,000 Open all year round
Subsidy & Recognition Award for HKUST teams Participating
in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technopreneurship
Competitions/ Programs
Subject to the application Open all year round
Chan Dang Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Award up to HKD 60,000 26 Feb 2023


Thanks to the generous and great support of various source of funds, the following funds have been closed upon expiry of the funds. 

Name of Accelerator Fund/ Scheme Supporting Amount /Approved Project Application Deadline
Yeung Wing Yee Entrepreneurs Fund (YWYEF) up to HKD 200,000 Closed - No longer available
U*STAR Award up to HKD 50,000 Closed - No longer available
HKUST Entrepreneurship Acceleration Fund (EAF) up to HKD 15,000 Closed - No longer available
HKUST Entrepreneurship Development Fund (EDF) up to HKD 20,000 Closed - No longer available



Besides the above funds and awards being administered by the Entrepreneurship Center, the following financial resources administered by the Technology Transfer Center (TTC) are also available for supporting technology transfer initiatives by HKUST members:

Other various funding programs relating to research are administered by the Research Office under the Office of the Vice-President for Research and Development. Click here to view the Technologies & Entrepreneurship Funding Eco-System @ CWB, HKUST for relevant funding programs available.

For details of various funding programs, please visit the website of the HKUST KT Hub. Thank you.

External Funding Resources

Angels, Venture Capitalists & Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) | Startmeup

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